I know what it’s like struggling to make ends meet, having to use the credit card to pay for necessities, and don’t get me started on that horrible sinking feeling when the statements arrive in the post.

You need help, and while there’s no shortage of debt repayment solutions out there, what if you could discharge your unsecured debt without paying the parasites a penny more? Yes, as hard as that is to believe, it’s possible to challenge your lender on the basis of an invalid contract. No valid contract means nothing to pay. You see, loans are a fraudulent operation perpetrated by banks.

To free yourself, all you need to do is send the proforma letters, available for free, in the Proforma Letters section above.
That’s what I did, and I managed to get £20k worth of credit card debt written off. I’ve also helped countless others do the same.

Now I’m able to build my financial security by saving that repayment money each month. With that, I’m way more relaxed about life in general. Well, you would be too if your debt burden disappeared just like that.

To help you do the same I’ve written a book about my experience of sending the proforma letters. In it, I detail why loans are a scam and why the proforma letters work. As well as that, I also talk about the roadblocks I encountered when actioning this process, moreover, how I beat the debt collectors when the bank realized the game was up and sold my account.

You deserve to keep more of your money, not the banks, so take the first step to financial freedom by clicking below.